Nortrans is a partner in Floating Power Solutions, a company that develops floating modern and mobile concepts for power generation.

  • Mobile flexible power unit based on a converted VLGC
  • Supply of LPG is from market and output is high voltage electricity
  • Low cost of fuel and shortening of the value chain gives reduced electricity price compared to alternative solutions
  • Modern combined cycle turbine technology
  • Gas turbines fueled by reliable propane or associated petroleum gases
  • Waste heat is routed through heat recovery steam boilers and turbines to boost efficiency
  • The vessel can moor along any coast line or anchor out at sea, without requiring pipe and jetty structure
  • “Plug and play” to the grid with supply of base or peak loan, adjustable in minutes in reponse to demand fluctuations
  • Maintains production while refueling allowing for 100% operational window