About us

Established in Singapore in 1982 Nortrans is a shipping company involved in several segments of the shipping industry. Originally the company was established as an off-spring from Seatrans of Norway, but has since developed into a fully independent shipping company in Singapore. The core of our business remains as the following departments of Nortrans Pte. Ltd;  



Nortrans Offshore

Nortrans Offshore is a young company but has a distinguished pedigree in Offshore Support Vessels. Nortrans initially entered the OSV market in 2005, building up NOR Offshore from one vessel to a fleet of 11 vessels operating across the globe from the South Pacific to the Gulf of Mexico before being sold in 2011. Involved in everything from supporting drilling rigs to subsea maintenance and construction. NOR offshore was an integral player in re-defining the role of multipurpose vessels with small but sophisticated vessels that offered an unprecedented combination of capability and value. 

Nortrans Offshore builds on this legacy, with its first new “NOR” vessel, the NOR Solan delivered to Premier Oil in the UK in December 2015. The vessel has been awarded a multiyear contract to provide ROV survey, emergency, stand-by/rescue, SAL handling, tanker assistance and IMR duties. The flexibility and capability of the vessel not only represent the way forward for cost effective field support, but is also emblematic of the philosophy and spirit guiding Nortrans Offshore – flexible solutions tailored to the needs of our clients. 

Our Offshore services include:- 

  • In-field emergency response and stand-by 

  • ROV 

  • IMR 

  • Subsea support 

  • Anchor handling 

  • Towing 

  • Supply  



Nortrans Shipping Agency

On average we handle about 400 port calls to Singapore annually. Our boarding officers are always available, and will be there to handle any call to the Port of Singapore. Whether it is a call for bunker and supplies only, or for any lengthy stay at any of the shipyards here in Singapore.  



Nortrans Logistics Solutions

For our customers we are able to provide a wide range of logistic solutions. Smaller parcels in containers, heavy and complex movements of machinery, or total logistics from mill to end users. We use our team of dedicated professionals to provide the most optional logistic solutions.  



Nortrans Liner Trade

Punctuality, efficiency, quality and a wide flexibility are the key factor in our long standing liner service. Primarily our service is between Thailand and Singapore. But depending on our customer requirements, we also include Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India and South China on a regular basis. The liner services are today based on MPP/Heavy lift long term/period chartered tonnage.  To complement our services and provide our customers with tonnage for larger shipments, we do also charter vessels for charter trips, when required. This activity is mainly within the 45 - 55,000 dwt range, within a variety of commodities such as coal, steel, nickel ore and woodchips.

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